Does it satisfy your soul?
When the walls are bare
To the ceiling you stare
Do you feel whole?
Does the material you possess
Really hold your interest
As much as a bird or a bee?
Or the sway of the trees?
The summertime breeze?
Or the air that you breathe?
Sometimes minimal equals free

For The Daily Post

One thought on “Minimal

  1. Hey the wealthiest are the ones who have love, joy and freedom – Everything that you cannot buy is what I aim for in this life.
    Who needs money?! Who needs a fancy car and the biggest house? The status of a person should not be classed on who is the richest or the person with the most assets – It should be classed on who has the biggest smile, the kindest of hearts, the one who has a caring and kind personality, who brings joy and laughter, love and care.
    Our society is so fucked when it comes to who has the biggest this and the shiniest that!
    Just my thought on your poem.
    Keep well and hope to read another poem of yours soon x


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