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All the same
Yet different shapes
Some of us are brittle
Some of us break
Some of us are squished
Some of us are strong
Some of us sing in the trees
All day long
Some of us eat vegetables
Some of us eat mice
Some of us birth ten babies
Some of us only twice
Some have blue eyes
Others have eight
Some leave mothers early
Some leave late
Some enjoy our nests
Some like to escape
Yet we are all the same
Just in many different shapes.

5 thoughts on “Shapes

  1. To appreciate each and every level of living within our world, is truly wonderful.
    We must live with an open mind and a giant heart – For the one who loves and explores life’s truest treasures will be the one who truly lives, what is life without living?
    Some of the greatest gifts are hidden all around us, every single day we hold the ability to discover something new – Maybe we should start with what we hold within, they are the most invaluable gifts we could ever unwrap in this life.
    It seems everyone is on a mission to be the richest or the most successful, to go and build layers and layers of infrastructure on top of a fragile foundation. Covering up the cracks in the ground by plastering on a pretty face and a dazzling personality when really, true happiness is within the darkest corners of our being – as we travel through the darkest of truths, we see the most vibrant light and it is that light which guides us down the correct path which then uncovers all of the little sparkles that we hold within, this is what each and every one of us should be aiming for within our short time on this earth – To explore what our lives really hold, then what we go on to achieve would be endless.
    It’s a shame we cannot be friends – We seem to have similar values.
    I hope you keep up your poetry,
    If you ever fancy a chat about all things nature and life, you know where I am.
    P.s. Sometime’s life tricks you, allow yourself to make mistakes – It’s okay.


  2. Hi there Rhia, it’s lovely that you have wrote back to my previous comment. As I said, we seem to have very similar values – Which is quite rare these days to find in someone. I did try and leave a message last night with you, but what with all the stormy weather out there, it left my WiFi out of signal. So here I am hoping you get this message and maybe just maybe my WiFi signal gets stronger as the weather clears.
    Hoping your well and everything is okay with you. If you fancy starting a conversation one day, please feel free.
    P.s. I think adding photos to your poetry really adds character and brings them to life.


    1. Hey, if you send a message through the contact me area on the site I should be able to reach you. There isn’t a way of me messaging you since you don’t have a link to your profile. I hope you’re well!


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