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The Silent Genius

Quiet, reserved, humble and pure
Her mind delves the deepest of oceans I’m sure
A silent genius
She expects no applause
One can only hope to imagine her flaws
Such a mysterious being
There must be so much locked inside
Yet her persona suggests that she has nothing to hide
In pensive thought I glance her take out a pen
And eloquently spill out a sentence or ten
“What is it you are you writing?” I finally cried
“Poetry” the silent genius replied.

For The Daily Post


2 thoughts on “The Silent Genius

  1. Rhia I need you to write, write so much that you use up every last word within your ever broadening mind.
    Rhia I need you to sing, sing so sweet and softly that you take away the rest of my sins.
    Rhia I need you to speak, speak of the words that you desperately cannot see.
    Rhia I need your touch, I need you to place your touch at the very centre of my core.
    Rhia I need you to bring me back to life.


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